What is UTD EDN?

UTD EDN is a joint partnership between LDN UTD and The Strive Group which provides an inclusive platform for young talent to learn key professional skills to support them on their journey to a career in the esports & gaming sector.


UTD EDN trainees take part in an 8-week education and training programme based at LDN UTD’s Centre Of Excellence in Camden which included talks from industry speakers explaining how esports organisations operate in a similar manner to traditional sports businesses. Further to the educational aspect, trainees were provided with an additional 70 hours of work experience at LDN UTD or affiliated businesses within the sector.


The story so far:

February 2022 saw the first cohort of trainees welcomed into the Centre Of Excellence by both LDN UTD and The Strive Group staff for an introduction to the programme as well as to meet their fellow trainees.


Since then, the trainees have worked on educational modules in digital skills such as social media management, video editing and brand outreach, which they were tested on at the end of the 8-week programme.


A total of 5 trainees including Russ, Eugene and TJ spent their work experience with LDN UTD, working closely with staff to understand the day-to-day workings of an esports organisation. TJ specialised in video editing and content creation while Russ and Eugene assisted staff with partner brand research, social media management and event planning. This culminated in them being tasked with planning and running a community day at our Centre Of Excellence, which resulted in 20 members of LDN UTD’s VALORANT community enjoying an afternoon of gaming as well as a small tournament.


What’s next for UTD EDN?

LDN UTD and The Strive Group are excited to soon welcome our second cohort of trainees! If you would like to register your interest please contact The Strive Group at: hello@thestrivegroup.co.uk